Workstations are high-end desktops with a configuration that is ideal for people in the Media and Animation Industry. They are designed for optimum performance and can run and execute different heavy programs simultaneously.

At Thakrar Infotrendz, we stock refurbished workstations that include brands such as IBM, Dell, HP, Apple, etc. These workstations come with higher RAM and Hard Disks along with high-end graphic cards to ensure your programs are executed seamlessly at a faster speed. Though these workstations are used, you can be rest assured about its condition since it goes through stringent quality control before it reaches your office.

Workstations on Rent

Currently, some of India’s leading animation and media studios choose Thakrar Infotrendz to take care of their Workstations requirement. Our low procurement cost empowers us to provide these high-end workstations for rentals at a very reasonable price; thus saving a lot of their operating costs. We are capable of providing workstations in bulk at a very short notice since these are already in stock and ready-to-ship. Furthermore, these Companies save considerably on the AMC cost since these machines are under our warranty as long as they are on rental. Click here to request a quote for Workstation Rental

Workstations AMC

Thakrar Infotrendz is one of the leading AMC providers for workstations in Mumbai. Our huge inventory coupled with a team of skilled engineers ensures your workstations work without a glitch thus reducing your downtime and incidental costs. Though expansion plan is on the cards to serve AMC customers across India, currently, we serve only in Mumbai as we are 100% sure of our deliverables. Today, we provide AMC of workstations for brands such as: IBM, Dell, HP, Apple, etc. Click here to request a quote for Workstations AMC

Workstations Spares & Options

Leading system integrators like HCL, Wipro, Redington, etc. depend on Thakrar Infotrendz for their workstation spares requirement. Workstation Motherboards, Power Supply, Hard Disks, RAMs, Graphic Cards, etc. are few of the many spares that we supply to organizations across India. Though all our spares are refurbished, these are genuine OEM spares that come with a 90-day warranty at a reasonable price. The brands for which workstation spares are available are IBM, Dell, HP, Apple, etc. Click here to request a quote for Workstation Spares.

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